Mutiple cams talk to one Arduino MKR ( three masters)

Hi All,

Just wondering if this is sound approach :stuck_out_tongue:

I have three cams performing analyses on moving objects ( around 2 or 3 per second).
(so no time left to do heavy stuff …)
One Arduino MKR with an ethernetshield is handling the results for each object.
Each cam send ok/notok info…
So all cams are a kind of master, the mkr is slave…

Since i heard I2c is not very suitable i turned to a simplistic approach a bit sonar like.

On the Cams I just use one pin ( grounds are shared ) and then two def’s that are called for each outcome

def ok():

def notok():

On the arduino i read three digital ports ( one for each cam )

Loop {
  int CamOneValue = digitalRead(1);
  //  does the pin on cam 1 goes high
  if (CamOneValue!=0 &&  cam1sig == 0){    
  // is it down again ??
   if (CamOneValue ==0 &&  cam1sig > 0  ){ 
    cam1dur = millis()- cam1sig;  // how log was it up ?
    cam1sig = 0
   // so it was ok
   if (cam1dur < 11  ) { 
     // do something with OK
   // it a fail
   if (cam1dur > 11  ) {
     // do something with Fault

  // repeat above for the other two cams, don't use delays


Seems to work perfectly with just very little deviations sometimes 9 or 8 instead of ten, but accurate enough for me…

Maybe usefull to some or it this a ‘not done’ :smiley:


Using the serial port is the best way to transfer data. Anyway, thanks for the post!

Hi I understood you can only send from one cam to the MKR, not three at the same time ?
Forgive my noobidity…