Multi threading


Is it possible to run simultaneously many functions in the openMV ?

I mean if I have a function start() and a function got() ; and I want them to run at the same time , Would it be possible ?

Also, when it comes to execute the whole code, does the OpenMV execute the code line by line;
or it changes it into machine language before any execution?
I mean Interpreter or Compiler ?

Thank you!

Hi, MicroPython compiles the code into byte code. If you want multi-threading you’ll have to wait until it’s supported by MicroPython.

:laughing: Thank you!

Just for the record, multi-threading is supported by MicroPython but it’s experimental and disabled by default. Also I’m not so sure it will play nice with our modifications. So it will probably never happen. If you want to call some function periodically you should use timers. See the timer control example: 02-Board-Control->