MT9V034 Sensor RAW

Extracting the RAW data from the sensor,

I am checking the specs of the sensor and in theory is capable of a 10 bit per pixel ADC, it is possible to extract this color depth resolution?
The other question is in order to extract the raw data, as the sensor seems B&W does saving it as a BMP I can do later extraction of the binary, or should I save it as a another format for RAW?
Once an image is capture can I operate with the luminosity values without the need of writing to a file and reading it?
So for example I want to capture a set of images and then obtain the mean between them and safe as an image the last file?

Thanks a lot, jl1982fm

We only connect 8 data lines so you can’t get the bottom 2 LSBs.

BMP is fine for getting the RAW grayscale image.

And finally, yes, just create a second frame buffer using the sensor.alloc_extra_fb command and then capture pictures and hen blend the images using the alpha blending into the second frame buffer. Note that this results in an IIR filter of blending, not a moving average. Since we don’t store images as floats the math you can do on a sequence of images is limited.

Thanks for your reply it was quite helpful,

If the pins 44 and 45 where swap by the pins 18 and 19 from the schematics we will get the information from the LSBs, but not in the right order, the reason I ask it is because in our application the first 2 bits are always one and we are more interested in the less significant values of the sensor?

Kind regards, Jose

I don’t recommend trying to get the LSBs… they don’t really carry much info. If you don’t have the MSBs then you will get clipping.