mjpeg file

Dear All,

I used the mjpeg function to create a mjpeg file on sdcard.

1 - The mjpeg file has any resolution description in its propriety, and the index should be recreated when reading with VLC.
What is the simple way to have these proprieties and/or this index ?

2 - To see the mjpeg file on sdcard, i have to replug the camera on pc.
Does it exist a way to refresh the openmv disk with a micropython function or something else in place of ?


No you have to reset the camera for the PC to see the changes. unmount/re-mount might work on Linux.

Not sure about the index question. Can you clarify?


1 - See the joined file to read the text of vlc when i read the mjpeg file.
Note if i use mpg extension, i dont have this problem with the windows player…

2 - i use windows and my idea was to do it with a mycropython function like machine.reset()…

Yeah I get this message too with VLC, but the video still plays. Not sure how to fix it, if you have a fix for this let me know.

I probably have to add a chunk to the file that has an index. I don’t know what such a chunk looks like however.

It is weird, because if i see the vlc messages when i open the video file, it is an avi error ???

It’s not an error so much as we just don’t output a chunk that the software expects. There’s no AVI standard so I just tried to do what I could dig up documentation wise.