Memory allocation failedd

Hi, I’m trying to load my model, and it’s about 300 kb, and I’m using the Cam OpenMV H7 Plus and a memory card, but I’m getting this error(memory allocation failed ). I’m trying to solve this issue, but I did not find any solution.

Hi, @wael

If you use net = tf.load("trained.tflite") , you can use net = tf.load("trained.tflite",load_to_fb=True). This will be allow you more space to use. If you have any question, I’m here to help!

thank you for your reply i tried with this solution but each time i run the code the code stop and open the file location of the cam

Okay I see, this situation might be caused by your tflite model’s incompatible layers. Can you share your tflite model?

i will share the link of the drive because im not able to share a tflite file here i dont know why

thank you

hi BechicMV please can i ask you if you tried with the model thank you

Sorry for the late answer; I was busy.
The link does not work. You have to edit the permission with “anyone with the link”