lumber/wood inspection detection


I just found this project, i’m wondering if this is possible and how should it work.

We have wood for making productions but some time’s there are holes in it or if it’s to long in the open air it get fungus/mold on it.

Is there a way openmv can detected this problems?



Do you have any particular algorithm you plan to detect the problem with? The OpenMV Cam can do a lot of things… but, you need to have some idea about how to go about it. Is the object in a controlled environment? Do you have stable lighting? Is the atmosphere stable? What are the variables? How is the camera mounted? What feature of the object do you wish to try to detect? Etc. I can’t really tell you if there’s a solution or not without some type of before hand knowledge.



Owke wel… at this moment we pick the wood by hand so if we see holes or mold we removed it… but there are people that will not look at it and just ship it out so…

Well what i was thinking… we can have ligt from one site to see hole/cracks it will be black out i think. Don’t know what feature can detected it? and the camera month it straight above it.

The mold part is a bit hard… it has a different color then wood. Mold is a bit a white/greenish the woord is very light bruin…

I look arround but i couldn’t find a algorithm for detection of this. but maybe i did use the wrong search query in google.

Do you need more info?

Okay, can you think how how you’d build a rig that the camera can be mounted on which will be in a fixed position to see the wood. Given that thought, how would you mount the camera… what would it be looking at, etc.

I understand your problem. Not you have to think about how to solve it. If you have good lighting in a controlled environment then color tracking is all you need. Otherwise things get harder.