Line-Following DFRobot (Romeo v2) with OpenMV Cam M4

Hi Guys,

I want to build a Line-Following robot, but I’m a complete newbie. I already played around with the OpenMV IDE and the Cam but I got no experience with Arduino or robots.
So if anyone could help me and just tell me where to start. Or how the Cam is Connected to the Board, how the data will be transfered or if I should detect blobs or follow the contours.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi, please copy and paste the reply I sent you via the PM here for history purposes.

The hardest part of controlling the robot is the driving part. Since you already know Arduino please program a motor driving using the Arduino which takes two commands over serial. One command to set the motor speed and another to turn the robot left or right. Use software serial to receive the bytes. You can then have your OpenMV Cam just tell the Arduino in serial to turn left or right.

Thanks, let me know your progress on getting the robot moving and we can go to the next step.