Light reflects


When the camera is near a window, it sees a lot of reflects, is there a plan for a polarized lens ?
I tried with a filter and it removed every horizontal reflects my issue was with the reflects on the ground)

Hi, no, we don’t have plans for a polazrized lens. However, we could sell one if we could find a supplier. What type of filter did you use?

Personally, I trouble with that exact problem for dyi robocar racing.

I used the following filter with a 3D printed shell for the cam.

I’ll ask our lens manufacture if they can do this. If so, then we can get polarized lenses really easy.

To follow up on our experiment in Oakland with the polarizing filter to suppress glare… I used a lens cap, punched a hole, then (crudely) cut out a small circle of polarizing film and super glued it in. It works. Our rovers can follow yellow lines OUTSIDE (though in the shade) where they never could before.


I just found a company that will cut us 14mm x 14mm polarized squares that I can sell for $5 each that you can put under the lens. Going to buy some samples and then stock a bunch.

Cool. Putting them under the lens up into the lens holder will be neater, though not adjustable, nor easily removable. Users will have to be sure to put it in the right orientation - maybe hold it up to the sky first to see which end is up.