Is there any way to improve the efficiency of drawing my own characters string?

I use Python to calling the Chinese character library to display Chinese. But I can only use ‘set’_ Pixel 'to draw point by point. It’s too slow. Is there any efficient way? For example, use hexadecimal data to draw sixteen points at a time.(Each Chinese character is 16 times 16.)

You’re going to want to edit the firmware and add a Chinese character pixel map to the firmware. This is not particularly hard if you look at our imlib and how font is stored. It’s quite straight forward.

If you manage to get that working please send back a pull request, it would be nice to add this feature to the firmware.

Thank you guys!I have finished that typing Chinese in IDE to drawing on image by using the font library file in python.I don’t know if I can program it in C to firmware.I’ll learn and try.

Can you attach the script and the font ? I’ll see if I can add it to the firmware.

You have to do this. We don’t have the bandwidth.