Import micropython-lib

I am having some trouble importing a certain library module from micropython-lib on to the OpenCam M7 board. I am trying to use the pipe() function that is included in the OS module of the micropython-lib. I went through the micropython documentation to learn how to download and import the modules but for some reason, it is not working. The error I keep getting is that it cant find the “pipe_” function which is located in the OS folder of micropython-lib/os/

If anyone knows how to import these libraries, can you please explain how. Or is this not possible? I am using a windows laptop with the OpenMV Cam M7.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, where did you place the module?

It needs to be like:


On the SD Card or flash FS.

Then in python you can do:

import pipe

The module is located under the “os” directory called “”.

When I download the library module and import it into the sdcard it is like this: “/os/” and I “import os”.

I know there is another import for “os” so I renamed “os” to “oslib” and imported it like that but I still get the “pipe_” error. I tried importing the modules that “” imports into its own module but it still doesn’t work.

Here are some screenshots to show my setup I changed according to your procedures but I still get same error:
Pipe Function .PNG
After running the code above, I get this error from the module
SDCard pipe directory.PNG

SDCard directory.PNG

Here is the module I am looking to import:

Do I have to import the whole “micropython-lib” library for it to work so that “/os/” can work since it imports other files into its own module?

Thank you for your help!

That’s because there’s no libc to load, there are no FDs and there’s only a single process running anyway. The camera runs baremetal (it’s Not Unix/Linux based).

Oh okay I see. I am sorry I didn’t make that connection before.

Thank you for such a quick reply.

Oh, yeah, alot of the MPlib stuff is for the unix port of MicroPython.