Img Capture without display


I need to capture some images of VGA size and process them. I noticed FPS it’s not great.
There are any options to disable “the display of the image on PC” ??? will this increase FPS ??
I only need the output result on PWM

Thank you


You can disable the framebuffer, but it won’t increase the FPS by much, and you can’t process color VGA images.

Hi iabdalkader

I was not aware that it is possible. Anyway, I see no improvement.

My setup uses very short exposure time,

Do you know what is the transfer time from sensor to MCU buffer??

Can we trigger img acquisition through a timer … it would be helpful for my application to have rigorous time period between frames…

I was under the impression that the slow fps is caused by MCU to PC connection…

Thank you


I see the FPS goes up from 10FPS to 30FPS when FB is disable (OV7725, VGA mode, default exposure, running

You can find the exact numbers in the sensor’s datasheet.

No it’s not possible to sync the frame capture.