Image Washout On M7

Has anyone experienced image washout on the M7 when going from shadow to light, and vice versa, such as in the attached photos? If so, how did you solve it? A polarizing filter is already installed and the issue is inconsistent.

I think that’s just the AGC and AEC working, they need time to settle down when going from a very bright to a very dark image or the other way around.

Hi, just turn AGC and AWB off immediately. If you see my color tracking scripts I wait 2000 ms. Lower the wait to like 100 ms.

Oooh. Thank you!

AGC: What is the code for this?
AWB: sensor.skip_frames(time = 2000 → 100)

Just in case the code is attached. (7.03 KB)

AWB - automatic white balance
AGC - Automatic gain control

See the color tracking scripts and you’ll see these terms used.

Will do.

Thank you!