Image capture interrupt handler registration

Hey, the set_framedrop is not going to make it into the firmware. Instead, you can just do: set_framerate(fps) in the next release and the camera will run at a frame rate less than what you specified.

Functionally is implemented in the sensor driver by just dropping frames. However, we can extend this in the future to reduce the sensor clock too at the same time resulting in power saving and better image quality from increased exposure.

sensor.disable_full_flush() will make it into the firmware.


Thanks for letting me know. I will make it simple for me to switch to fps in the future.

Anything to save power is always welcome for those of us using battery power! Plus improved image quality, especially at night will be a massive bonus.

Yep! We won’t have the sensor FPS control in hardware though for a while but we will have the FPS control via frame drop feature.