I2C - OSError: [Errno110] ETIMEDOUT


I use google traduct.

I can not run I2C (OpenMV in master mode)

the error OSError: [Errno110] ETIMEDOUT occurs.

I put the resistors “PULLUP = 4,7K” and I also tried 10K but it does not work.

here is the simple program:

from pyb import I2C

i2c = I2C(2, I2C.MASTER)             # create and init as a master
i2c.init(I2C.MASTER, baudrate=100000) # init as a master

while True:

        i2c.send(0x02, addr=0x02)  # keyword for address

thank you

Hi, can you do i2c.scan() and the print the result? Does it return anything?

I think that the problem does not come from the CamM7 but from my PIC 18F4550 configured as a slave.
I tested with an arduino and everything works …

I recently encountered the same problem when using the OLED screen module, You can double check if your interface is connected wrong , If not, you can see if there is Interface is occupied by other programs, try a few more interfaces