I’m trying to make a tflite usuing edge impusle but it’s not working when i put the files in the cam

I’m trying to make a a object detection software that finds goals on an and image that the camera takes and tells me where they are so i can track them. But i have a problem when i train the model on edge impulse with my images the model is too big (i think it says 110K flash size 250K Ram usage) so i could i make it smaller ive been trying for a long time but it seems that nothing helps. Or if size is not the issue the thing that happens is i put all the required files into the cam and run my code but it doesn’t detect anything even if i set min confidence to 0 while before with a different tflite it worked perfectly. I really appreciate any help i can get thank you.

What camera are you using? The RT1062 and H7 Plus have 32 MB of RAM onboard. There’s no artificial limit for your model size.