How to get temperature per pixel using FLIR lepton?

I am using a Open MV Cam h7+ and I have a flir lepton 2.5 attached to it. How can I get the temperature per pixel of a snapshot taken from the lepton?

See the lepton example scripts.

Thank you for a quick response. I went through the '" example.

I have kept the threshold_list=[(220,255)]
I have set the min/max temp as 20/30.

I see that the min/max temperature range will map image to 0 to 255. I was also able to take a snapshot and store the pic in a SD card, but how can I get the data for the temperature per pixel of the image?

The raw image would be 14-bits per pixel which we don’t support. We only support 8-bits per pixel. So, you have to map pixels.

Anyway, a user explored this THROUGHLY and found the current solution is quite good. If you search the forum you will find this has been examined and if you just use the mapping you will get a very correct result within the min/max range.