Hough circle

Hello.I want to use openmv to recognition the traffic light,have any method to be come true hough circle transform,Thanks!

Hi, I haven’t gotten around to porting that for the OpenMV Cam M7. So… you can write the code in C if you 'd like or use another method. Hough circle finding is the best method for finding this however. Template matching with a circle outline could work but it will not handle changes of scale.

Thanks kwagyeman! I had a hough circle with c code,but how to porting to souce code be use by micropython.Attach the source code.Thank you very much!
houghcircle.rar (9.33 KB)

And here’s how to install the dev environment:

@ iabdalkader, I had used different canny for edge detection,how to use the openmv3 canny detection algorithm to fit the hough circle.Thank you very much!

You can just call it in the script before calling your hough circle function:

    img = sensor.snapshot() # Take a picture and return the image.
    img.find_edges(image.EDGE_CANNY, threshold=(50, 80))  # Find edges
    lines = img.find_circles(threshold=50)

This feature request has now been implemented: