Help detecting yellow (glare removal)

Hi there, I’m having some trouble detecting a yellow lane line for my project. I have the attached image (straight from the frame buffer) and I want to get LAB thresholds to just get the left lane line (yellow). I can do this pretty okay with HSV from prior experience but I’m wondering if there’s any way to do this with the opnenmv cam (H7). I have looked into histogram equalisation (doesn’t really work well here) as well as have the following lines of code:

sensor.skip_frames(time = 2000)

Any help would be appreciated.
test_image.bmp (56.3 KB)

Hi, please use the Tools->Machine Vision->Threshold Editor in the IDE. It makes it really easy to figure out the color thresholds.

Hello, sorry I should’ve clarified, I am using the threshold editor, I just still am not able to distinguish the glare from the yellow for that specific image really. I did just discover that I can control the light the camera received through the auto exposure function which I’ll give a try, but any other/better direction would be super helpful.

As always, really appreciate the quick responses:)

Yeah, that’s a low contrast sitatuion. You don’t want to use color tracking in these cases. I reconmend using find_lines or find_line_segments.