Haar Cascade Classifier Issue

Hi i want to use these files
haaracade frontalface
haaracade lefteye
haaracade righteye
but these files are large to fit on my arduino nicla vision board. Does OpenmV have inbuilt libraries for these three?

Is there a work around that will allow me use it?

Hi, the “haaracade frontalface” is built into the Nicla firmware along with FOMO face. Same for the left/right eye cascades.

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Only the face and eye are enabled right now, but this may change in the future. We may disable more of those built-in old Haar cascades to enable better features (such as the built TF models) or just to maintain the firmware as it grows with every release. There’s no workaround for flash running out, it’s a limited resource such as everything else. Of course you can always build the firmware yourself, disable the features you don’t care about and enable all the Haar cascades you want.

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