Gender Recognition with OpenMV H7

Good day too all,

I had bought a openmv h7 cam for my final year project.
I am trying to build a gender recognition tflite file which I managed to work it out on google colab using several references online.
I had quantized the model to a tflite of 201 kb. After loading onto openmv, the OpenMV IDE shows me :
OSError: tensorflow/lite/micro/kernels/ Hybrid models are not supported on TFLite Micro.

I do hope to seek opinion on how I can resolve the issue so that I can proceed with the project.

for building of dataset:

for running the dataset to test for gender recognition and bulding the tflite model:

Thank you for your time.

Another user had this exact same problem. You need to quantize all layers of the model.

Thank you! I will see if it work for my issue =D