Find_circles() accuracy

hello, I’m using a fisheye lens on the camera to get a bigger perspective.
and after that I’m using lens_corr(2.66 , 0.8) to fix the fisheye weirdness.
then when using find_circles() it starts detecting what seems to me like strait lines in the pic.
im using:
abs_roi = (0,90,320,130)
(threshold = 1000 , x_margin = 30 , y_margin = 30 , r_margin = 30 , r_min = 15 , r_max = 100 , r_step = 2 ,roi = (abs_roi[0]+1,abs_roi[1]+1,abs_roi[2]-1,abs_roi[3]-1))
to help the codes speed and draw circles to see what it finds.
and it thinks strait lines are circles and draws a circle tangent to the line. is there a way to increase the accuracy.
like can you please add a another input to the find_circles() algorithm?

You just need to raise the threshold. It’s all based on the edge strength. So, if a straight lines is very sharp then it can add a lot of edge strength.