Find blobs with maximum size threshold


I am using an OpenMV Cam H7 R2 for detecting small light dots in a dark environment.
Once the threshold tuned correctly, It works well with the find_blobs function for most of them, but when trying to search for the smallest ones, emitting much less light, it becomes harder.

I am trying to make another find_blobs function specifically for these smalls blobs, with a threshold tuned more accurately. It does detect the small light dots, but also recognize some bigger areas that I would like to filter out.

I have seen that there is a way to filter out the small blobs with the area_threshold or pixels_threshold options.
Is there a way to do the opposite ? Setting the maximum pixel size of a blob and filtering out the other ones ? Or another way to achieve this ?

Hi there,
if you have the area of a blob please just include an if fuction to do the shorting.
If you know the size of the blobs there is no need of second tool.

Please notice that you must have fixed shutter speed to work such an application…