Failed to eject "A:/"! issue and Reset

I’m attempting to get a default app running on the camera without it being started via the IDE. My ultimate goal is to establish a data stream from the camera, via a serial connection, to a python script when it is powered up. I intend to do downstream manipulations of that data and want to offload it from the camera.

One issue:
When I attempt to Tools > Reset OpenMV Cam, I get an error alert: Failed to eject “A:/”!

The timestamp on the file is current, so I’m sure the Tools > “Save open script to MV CAM” was successful. The code in the A:/ RAMdisk file is also correct.

If is supposed to run automatically when restarted, why might it not run? As an indicator, I have set an LED to turn on when running, but it doesn’t turn on:

**** snip *********

green_led = pyb.LED(2)


**** snip *********

It does function when initiated via the IDE, but not on its own before starting the IDE.
If I can’t be assured that the script automatically starts, then I can’t proceed with the downstream development.

Can you change the camera drive letter path to something other than A? That’s for floppy disks. Please do that and see if the errors disappear.

The issue what that my motherboard has a RAMDisk app that was set for drive A. It had nothing to do with OpenMV.
The file was being copied there and tricked me into thinking it was the internal disk on the cam.
I changed the RAMDisk letter to G:

The file is now also running automatically! Thanks!

Ah, yeah, the IDE makes a guess at what drive the OpenMV Cam is at by filtering through all removable drivers on the system. Your RAM disk likely looked like one. Um, in the IDE you can change the drive it bound to the OpenMV Cam in the status bar by clicking on the drive letter.