Experience RT1062 Video Stream -> Android Phone

This is not intended to be a question but rather an experience report for others.

Streaming via “rtsp_video_server” worked with a time delay of approximately 1s with:

  • Android VLC Player (freeware)
  • RTSP Player (freeware)
  • IP Cam Viewer Lite (Advertising)

Streaming via “mjpeg_streamer_ap” works perfectly via the web browser on the PC but works poorly on the smartphone. I have tried about 30 IP Cam apps. Most cannot connect or show a black screen after connecting successfully.

  • VLC Player shows a still image
  • RTSP Player works as poorly as Firefox or Chrome web browsers
  • StreamShow works a little better
  • IP CAM Viewer by “Robert Chou” (Advertisement) Lite works really well without any lag

Maybe someone else can share their experiences here. Or maybe someone knows a freeware app that works well.

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Julian Tacke

Yes, the rstp steaming delay is on the client side. The only way to reduce that is to tell the client not to buffer frames.

I’ll look into what is causing the image not to show up for the other apps.

Hi guys,

I would also like to share my experience regarding this discussion.

As described by Julian, the http and rtsp streaming of the OpenMV RT1062 camera via the PC works perfectly. In the web browser and in the VLC player on the PC I can see the picture smoothly.

On the smartphone (IOS or Android) it is almost impossible to get a smooth picture. I get a few frames about every 5 seconds and then the picture freezes again.

Is there an update on whether this can be fixed on the camera regarding smartphones?
I´m very interested in. Thank´s a lot !

I will put some time in to update my MJPEG streamer PR with uasyncio as folks keep asking for this feature to work.

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