Errors When Building Firmware With Newer Versions of STM32Cube.AI


I was trying to build the firmware with STM32Cube.AI enabled on Portenta H7. I have carefully followed the instructions provided on both OpenMV github and ST wiki. Everything was fine when building the firmware with old STM32Cube.AI (i.e., v 6.0.0). However, when using the newer versions (i.e. v 7.2.0 onwards), the ai_buffer errors (see the attached picture) always occur. I have tried using the different versions of GNU tool chain, but the same errors kept popping up. Note that, without setting CUBEAI=1, the firmware could successfully built. As I am in need of using the newer version of STM32Cube.AI, I am seeking advice on how to solve this issue. Thank you!


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You need to fix the code. ST sent a patch for that years ago and hasn’t maintained it. It’s not something we have an interest in maintaining.