Edge impulse trained model shows 100% prediction accuracy but no image is being shown


I have run through the edge impulse regimen for training an image classification and used 48x48 image size. Everything seemed to go smoothly except when I run the provided script.

It is showing 100% prediction accuracy on any image even when the lens cap is on. Why is this?

I trained the model on 100 different images of a single object I attained from an image scraper. Will the edge impulse training only work on images provided by the h7 plus cam itself?

Any ideas whats happening here?

Many thanks,


Do you have more than 1 class? If you only have one class… then it will map everything to that one class.

The network is simply binning things into different buckets. 1 class means 1 output. If you have two classes then it can make a decision. But, realistically, you should always have the target classes you want and then a background class.

Yes I only have one class. Okay that makes sense. Thank you!