CV inspection bar

I am designing a an inspection bar where I need to position up to 50 CAMs in order to cover certain length.
All CAMs need to communicate with a PLC (or PC) to transmit some data acquired.

Can you suggest the best solution to connect and address such amount of devices and how to power them (considering that we are in a industrial environment).

Thnak you

Hi, I’d use a serial to CAN bus bridge… or the CAN peripheral on the STM32. I’ve never tested the MicroPython code for it though so I don’t know how it works. With the bridge… while it’s more hardware than you need you’ll skip coding issues. E.g.

As for power, I don’t have any notes on that other than it would be a good idea to have a 5V switching reg for each one that are powered by a shared bus… E.g.

Thank you.
To connect the CAM to the CAN bus or do I need a transceiver?
I assume the board you suggested is required on PC side. Is it correct?

The board I suggest gets the OpenMV Cam on the CAN Bus. As for the PC side, I’d use some type of CAN Bus transceiver to USB adapter.