Custom firmware on OpenMV-H7

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Is it possible to flash a custom firmware (Zephyr Firmware) on the OpenMV-H7 board without using an ST-LINKV2 external programmer-debugger ?

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Yes it’s possible, the firmware should start at 0x08040000 and the bootloader will jump to it, you won’t be able to load a new firmware without disconnecting/reconnecting the board.

Hello @iabdalkader
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1/- Do you mean that It is possible to flash it using a serial communication ? Won’t I be needing any tools like OpenOCD ?

2/- I also tried to flash the board by a the custom firmware using the tools provided by the OpenMV IDE. The flash operations seems to work just fine but I can’t establish a communication with the board. Can you give more information about the tools you use to flash the board with a MicroPython on the OpenMV IDE.

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It’s possible to flash any firmware with the IDE, but it will not work after that with the IDE and you will not be able to flash a new firmware (without resetting the board manually). We don’t support any firmware other than ours and we can’t help you with development questions you have to know what you’re doing.