Custom family Apriltags/Aruco markers on the Nicla Vision

Hi all!

I am working on an robotic project on my university. Therefore i need to implement an Aruco marker detection on the Nicla Vision board, to detect three different markers (with IDs 13, 36 and 47).
This is one marker i have to detect (with ID 13):

My problem is that i am not able to detect them using the built in find_apriltags() function.

Is there any possibility to add a custom family where define these three aruco markers, to detect them?
Maybe I missed the option somewhere…

Thank you for any help! :grinning:

Hi, please use an AprilTag instead of the Aruco markers. They are more robust and you can see them from farther away. Please talk with your professor about this.

Note that the tags look similar but the library processing them is completely different. They cannot just be added to the firmware as a new library. New bundles of code would be needed too.

Thank you for your fast reply!
Then i have to talk with him :sweat_smile: