Controller Area Network

I’m trying to make a Controller Area Network connexion between a Microchip dsPIC33EV 5V and the OpenMV CAM M7. I already implement a transciever CAN “TJA1051” and i have CANoe to test the connection. Since the latest firmware version (3.0.0) i have a probleme, the commande “from pyb import CAN” send an error message : “importerror: cannot import name can” :

i’m kind of confuse cause 5 days ago the same code worked fine

Anyone got the same probleme ?

Hi, unfortunately CAN was disabled in firmware 3.0 by mistake, I just fixed this, so it’s going to be re-enabled in the next release. You can use any older firmware for now if you like or wait for the next release.

Okay thanks for the quick answer !

I just want to know when the next release will be up, it’s been a while since the Controler Area Network is disable :confused:

Ibrahim, can you post an updated firmware image?

Hi, the next release will be out in a day or two.