Can openmv usart send image by uart.write()?

i find a webpageOpenMV串口发送图片
in that page ,it has some code for send image by uart.write()

# Hello World Example


# Welcome to the OpenMV IDE! Click on the green run arrow button below to run the script!

import sensor, image, time

 from pyb import 

uart = UART(3)

uart.init(115200, timeout_char=1000)

# Reset and initialize the sensor.

# Set pixel format to RGB565 (or GRAYSCALE)

# Set frame size to QVGA (320x240)

sensor.skip_frames(time = 2000) 
# Wait for settings take effect.

clock = time.clock() 
# Create a clock object to track the FPS.


# Update the FPS clock.

img = sensor.snapshot() 
# Take a picture and return the image.

# Note: OpenMV Cam runs about half as fast when connected

# to the IDE. The FPS should increase once disconnected.

i have no idea if it will work ,i check the help:
UART. write (buf )

Write the buffer of bytes to the bus. If characters are 7 or 8 bits wide then each byte is one character. If characters are 9 bits wide then two bytes are used for each character (little endian), and buf must contain an even number of bytes.

Return value: number of bytes written. If a timeout occurs and no bytes were written returns None.
can usart send image by uart.write()?