Can OpenMV Pure Thermal connect RTC battery?

Can OpenMV Pure Thermal connect RTC battery?

Yes, please see the schematic.

YES,I inspection the schematic,In boart connectors there seems no RTC battery connector. and in the schematic theRTC battery netname is the VBATT_RTC in U16 (TPS7A0330PDQNR).I just want to test STM32H743 onchip RTC with RTC battery.

In schematic,when a battery is connected,VBATT_RTC will output 3.0V even when power off,just like red line,but when power off,RTC clock can only keep the time of power off time。

? Yes, so, VBATT_RTC has power.

He’s saying that the last set time is kept, but it doesn’t increment when powered off.

I think the firmware is configed to use RTC LSI,not LSE,it maybe need to config it in src /micropython//ports/stm32/boards/OPENMVPT/mpconfigboard.h? At present I can not compile the firmware

@weilian Try the latest development firmware.

still doesn’t increment when powered off

and I find when board connect to computer,“dodo” sound twice and then computer find the disk of the board is openmv board,but Thermal connect to computer,,“dodo” sound many times and maybe computer can not find the disk of the board

I don’t have a pure thermal to test with, but the RTC should be working. I configured it to use LSE… Please make sure you upload that firmware and not the one shipped with the IDE.

This RTC issue has been fixed with a software workaround in the latest firmware. However for the RTC to work, the 2 capacitors highlighted below must be removed/desoldered.

Linked github issue: