Built-in servo and servo shield

What is the different between the three servos in the OpenMV and servo shield? If I have only three servos to connect, can I use the built-in servos? Is it possible to use GPIOs to connect to servos? My servos use current: 100mA; voltage: 5-7.2V

Hi, you can’t power the servos from the OpenMV Cam. You need another 5v supply.

Anyway, the servo shield just provides a way to drive servos using I2C control via another chip which saves I/O pins.

The built in 3 servo channels use your IO pins.

Choose whichever you want.

Sure I will connect an external 5V supply. Apart from using Serv1, serv2, serv3 pins (Pins 7,-9) on board, is there anyway I can connect three more servos on pins 1-6 and use servo commands?
s1 = Servo(?); s1.angle(45)

The purpose of the servo shield is to allow you to connect more more servos. The other pins don’t have PWM timers configured for servo control.

Thanks. How do we program the servo shield connected through I2C?

s1 = Servo(1) # servo on position 1 (P7)
s1.angle(45) # move to 45 degrees
s1.angle(-60, 1500) # move to -60 degrees in 1500ms
s1.speed(50) # for continuous rotation servos

Hi, see the Examples folder → Servo Shield. There’s a demo script for the shield in there.

Thank you.