Building OpenMV, TensorFlow and CMSIS-NN

Hey community !

Has anyone succeeded in building OpenMV with TensorFlow and enabled the HW accelerated functions provided by CMSIS-NN ?
Right now, we are tweaking “” (adding “cmsis-nn” flag) but we cannot really understand how the whole thing works together…
Any tip is welcome !


Hi, I’ve accomplished this. However, it’s not ready yet. I was at ARM AIoT conference this week and met the person making that code. It’s going to be a few months before all the bugs are worked out and it’s fully ready. Right now you literally can’t even use the methods because when you generate a network you get uint8 operations out and CMSIS-NN only works on int8 operations. E.g. minor technical issues keeping it from being ready.

Thanks for the reply kwagyeman !

Any way we can be kept updated on this ?

All the best ! :smiley:

Once it’s ready I’ll release it with a video.