Building OpenMV Firmware

Hi Team,

I am trying to build the OpenMV firmware using the linux build steps provided in the below link:

I have added a new code in the openmv/scripts/libraries directory and then exectuted the required commands.

I could see 'bin" files being created in the folder src/build/bin directory but on flashing it onto the openmv when I am trying to load the module it says “No module named **** found”. Can you please provide some insights to resolve this.

You have to include the library into the manifest file: openmv/ at master · openmv/openmv · GitHub

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Hi Kwabena,
Thank You for the response also just for the confirmation I have to store this inside openmv/scripts/libraries right?
And rest all steps I need to execute in the order provided in the readme file.

Yep, that’s all you need to do. Note, you need to pick the right manifest file for what you have.


Thank You for providing quick solution for the issue. It worked for me