Blob Detection Code For Minimum Viable Racer - Stays off the center line & twitches


I just recently switched to using a motor shield and started using the new ‘blob detection’ code and the car is now really hard to control. It does not stay on the center line and it twitches a lot regardless of what I do to the PID’s. Could you please point in the right direction? For reference, please find link to the video here →

Hi, did you tune the color tracking settings for it to see the blue line? In the IDE you should notice the car marking up the line to track it.

Color settings are not constants you can copy and paste. You have to turn them for your environment. The IDE makes this easy using the Tools → Machine Vision → Threshold Editor.

Hi Kwab,

Shortly after posting this message I figured out that folks who put the cars together did not connect the motors correctly and that’s what was causing the issue (wrong pins).

Thank you for your prompt response as always! Everything worked very well after changing the wiring.