ask information about remove_shadows()

hello, kwagyeman. I am very curious about the method of remove_shadows(). Is that convenient to send me the pdf of that paper or tell me the name of that paper or the name of that method? Look forward to your reply. Thanks a lot.

Hi, the one argument version doesn’t work very well. However, the two argument one works quite good: Shadow Detection: Source Code and Ground Truth Data - I’m using the simple color based method.

hello, I read the paper in that website. In the paper, it only shows five methods, LR Texture method, Physical method, SR Texture method, Chromacity method and Geometry method. There is no color based method. And did you get the source code in that wedsite. Though I can download the zip, it is empty.

I’m using the chromacity based method. The zip file from the website should contain OpenCV based code.

Ok, I get the file. Thanks a lot, bro.