AprilTags 2


My question is if your implementation of AprilTags is based in the new release (AprilTags 2):

Because this release is more robust.


Verified your old posts, yes… You have used the new release (AprilTags 2).

To industrial use of your OpenMV M7 need a work very well the CAN protocol.
My intention is to use widely in our products (industrial use).


MicroPython has CAN support for the OpenMV Cam. Most of the work is done for you, but, we’ve never tested it and don’t have a rig setup to. If you put a little work into getting this feature operational that would help us. This might involve some C programming, might not. I don’t know CAN well enough to evaluate how to setup a test rig and etc.

If you help us with this I’ll send you some free cams.

There are no requests for CAN right now, but If you do that we’ll make sure to support and test CAN properly.