AprilTag detection

When using the AprilTag detecten, does it give me also the Tag size or distance?
I need to know position plus distance for my application.

You can get the x/y/z translation. There’s an example showing how to get that in mm.

That is great! Thx.

Can you say anything about the accuracy of position information?

It’s not that accurate. Don’t expect it to be great for distance.

Can I do some edge detection to get a more accurate position. Or am I bound to the functions provided by the SDK?

It’s like a 1/N problem. When the tag is close you get a much better estimate of it’s location than when it gets far away. Once it moves far away your estimate goes bad.

That is ok.
I need to move an objec towards a docking station. Closer to the camera I need more accuracy. Think of it like a robot that is docking a charging station. I would like to make an estimate if the accuracy of the AprilTag detecting is accurate enough for this.

Yes, the accuracy will increase as you get closer. So, it should work for you.