Anomaly detection

anomaly detection

Does anyone tried something like that with openmv?
Was wondering if its possible…

sometimes finding feauture is really difficult…
10 (2)
10 (4)
13 (3)

Background subtraction? It’s really fast now with the latest firmware in grayscale.

You can use phase correlation to line up the images and then subtract after that. As long as the cameras plane is unchanged to the item this should work.

hi there and thanks for the reply.

The pics are for attention.
This is a working project that it doesnt need to substract the images at all!
Just edge detection works…

But this is not my case.
An anomally detection algorythm is really more powerful and accurate on such projects.
Even if i substract the background a lot of pixels Are exposed that should’t.

Edge Impulse is working on FOMO AD which can do anomaly detection. I don’t know when it will be ready.

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I found this post from a year behind:

We’ve announced FOMO-AD, our solution for visual defect and anomaly detection. Just throw normal data in (this model was trained on 100 images of background + wooden blocks) and we’ll figure out when we see something out of order! Coming early 2023…