A Bio-inspired Collision Detector

This has just been published:

Its a a novel bio-inspired collision detector and its application on a robot. The detector is inspired from LGMD neurons in the locusts, and modeled into an STM32F407 MCU. Compared to other collision detecting methods, we focused on enhancing the collision selectivity in a bio-inspired way that can considerably increase the computing efficiency during an obstacle detecting task even in complex dynamic environment.

That would be a great add-on to the OpenMv libraries.

Hi, for the next release about to come out I finally have optical flow working really well.

Cool, I saw you progress on this and will certainly give it a try.
Did you looked at the paper above?
We dont see much neural network implementation on STM, could be interesting

That algorithm is pretty easy implement. Would you like to give it a shot in C? It seems to require 3 frames in RAM to work but you can easily store that now with the new alloc_extra_fb command.

Yes I can give it a try in C but I would need some guidance from you

Btw this is a more technical paper about the system

If I wrote the input/output part and left you to just write the raw algorithm would that work?

I can make a branch and put the input and output stuff together pretty easily.

A question though, how do you see a img method working? What arguments should it take… what kind of object should it return.

OK I have found a trace of the code here: http://ilab.usc.edu/cgi-bin/secure/viewcvs.cgi/trunk/saliency/src/Robots/LoBot/
I will extract on my github , to test and I will ge back to you

If you have code it’s way easier for me to port. A lot less of my time then.