A alternative to Edge Impulse?

Hi there,
I have been trying to train object detection model to detect different on Edge Impulse and its have been working. But just some time back EI reduced job time to 20mins so its not really possible to train my model on EI anymore. The only option to continue with EI is to upgrade to their enterprise plan, thats $400/month so its out of question for me.
Is there any other alternative to EI? or other way to train my model for my HL7+ out of EI environment?

Hi, we’re in the middle of a big upgrade to our TensorFlow API right now. We are upgrading to the latest TF but also implementing generic Python post processing support to you can just run any model you want. The code on the OpenMV side of things will require slightly more Python but frees you from any constraints.

This will allow you to use Google Collab or things like Roboflow.


Hi @kwagyeman,
thanks for your prompt response as always :slightly_smiling_face:

This will be immensely helpful. Is there any tentative timeline for this upgrade?

Ibrahim has a PR pending on the new features. It’s going through testing right now. Probably a week or so away from being merged. We have a lot of documentation and examples to update though.

Great… will wait for this upgrade.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

Hi @kwagyeman ,
Should I update openMV firmware to get this feature if committed?

Not yet; we’ve wrapped up most of the API changes. But there are a few commits and bug fixes left outstanding. Also, we’ve updated MicroPython and the you’ll need to update the IDE too.

There’s enough publically posted if you want to try things out, but, there’s going to be no documentation and help support.

You’ll need to install the latest dev release IDE, install the dev release firmware, and then pull example scripts from GitHub.

thanks @kwagyeman,
Ok great… let me try out with dev release IDE in the meantime.