Posting Guidelines — Please Read This First, Before You Post!

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Posting Guidelines — Please Read This First, Before You Post!

Postby iabdalkader » Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:49 am

Welcome to the OpenMV Forums.

Before posting your question, please go through the following checklist first:

  • Have you checked the built-in IDE examples in File->Examples first ?

  • Have you searched the forums first ? Your question may have been answered before.

  • Have you searched the docs first ? We have extensive documentation covering every function.

  • Do you have a question about MicroPython ? If so, please search MicroPython's docs or MicroPython's forums first.

  • Do you think you found a bug in OpenMV's firmware ? If so, please open an issue on github.

  • If none of the above helps you/applies to your question, go ahead and post it. Please include any code, images etc.. you may have

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