Will OpenMV run Tensorflow 2 models?

There’s a pretty significant evolution in Tensorflow going on right about now, pertaining to the release of Tensorflow 2. I’m curious if I will be able to run a model trained on TF 2 on OpenMV or if the OpenMV TF development is currently targeting TF in a way that is exclusive to models generated with TF 1?

Hi, I finished the port of TensorFlow back in April to the OpenMV Cam but then got sucked into 3 months of back to back events every week. It will be in the next release. Models that will be supported are TensorFlow lite models using Depth-Wise Separable convolutions.

Thank you.

I’ve freed up time finally to start dev work again. We will have a new release in a month or two. I decided to have a social life for once and my time disappeared suddenly. That said, I’ve cut out other things from my life like TV to free up more time to work.