Using the Image Reader/Writrer Script with Blob Detection


I’m trying to repurpose a blob detection script to function while using the reader script instead of the sensor. As far as I can tell, I need to take screenshots from the stream and store them as new images instead of running off new data from the sensor.

Is there any direction or command I could do to accomplish this? I was thinking of using the same command used to write the streams in the first place ( but I’m not entirely sure on how to do that.

Any suggestions?

We have a few examples in Video Recording → imageio_read/write/

Yep, I’ve been looking at those.

I want to write a new image off of the stream in the read example. I’m worried that if I do this that it will overwrite my stream or not function at all. I also am not quite sure how to take still frames instead of a video recording, as is done in the write example.

Please try it and let us know if you have any issues. It would be easier to explain what you want to do with code.