using microprocessors instead of microcontrollers


Is there a reason you used the STM32 micro controller instead of a microprocessor with image processing DSP libraries such as TMS320 C55. The microprocessors do not seem to be more expensive than the micro controller and can also do the computations such as JPEG compression much faster.

I’m trying to build hardware to get a 30 FPS video for 640 X 480 pixels/frame.


Mainly design complexity and power consumption, but they still cost more when you add RAM, PMIC etc…

Ibrahim chose to use the STM32M4 when we started the project and due to legacy it’s pretty much impossible to switch the architecture since we’re bound to the STM32 line of CPUs for I/o. That said, we won’t continue on the STM32 forever…

Thanks so much, Guys. This really helps.