I want to run the CAM7 without using the openmv IDE. Do you have a schematic for providing power, or is it just VDD and GND?

My software will be running in a loop waiting for a message from UART1. The CAM7 software takes picture/image, does an analysis on the image, calculates distance to a target in the image, sends the distance value via UART1 to a Microchip processor. The CAM7 software will return to looping and wait for another UART 1 message.

Do you have a schematic for hooking up the CAM7 UART1 to the Microchip UART, or is it just rcv-txmt to txmt-rcv?


This is PCLS1026 again.

I am assuming that the UART is read by using polling and not interrupts. Is that true?


Hi, TX-> RX and RX-> TX as usual. And yes, UART is read using polling.

Thanks for the quick reply.

What about power? do I need Caps or Resistors?

No, just provide 5V to VIN.

Me again,
Can I power the CAM7 using a power only USB cable? If I can use the USB power, is there any problem with the CAM7 ground being common with the Microchip ground?

Yup, you can do that and there won’t be a problem. Keep in mind however that large GND currents can build up so don’t do this is a dry environment or there will be large static shocks.

Thanks again,
I have another question.
If I am running the CAM7 in the IDE, can the CAM7 read and write a UART message from and to the Microchip processor ?

Yep, on the USB VCP port is shared with the IDE.