Usable ROM space

Hi all,

How much program in the ROM is free for user programs? I am trying to estimate how large a CNN (low parameter precision) I can use on this device. The model might be 1.5MB for example and I see on the spec sheet there is 1920 free but I understand there is often overhead from other software components needed. I suppose a related question, thought maybe difficult to get write is how much ram is free typically for a user program to use allowing for other tasks that are running? This is also likely to differ from the spec sheet.


The M7 firm image is about 1.5 MB. This leaves 500 KB.

If you want to run a CNN in C I recommend you load each layer into RAM via the SD card, execute it, and then load the next layer. Most vision algorithms have about 300KB to play with depending on how you structure you algorithm and how large of an input image to expect.