Unexpected image geometry

Hi, I have some questions about video recording.
I’ve tried to record the video when I’m recognizing AprilTag with apriltag_tracking_1.py.
But I’ll get this OSError: Unexpected image geometry error and I can’t find any method to resolve this problem.


Here’s my code, thanks!!!
apriltag record video.py (5.3 KB)

What line of code? Also, what camera module? That script kind only works on the OV5640.

When the AprilTag was covered and appeared again, it will pop up this error.
By the way, the module is OV5640.

That script dynamically adjusts the frame size. The mjpeg recorder expects the same frame size. As such, you can’t use it right now with this script.

We will be updating mjpeg soon to support scaling so that you can get pass this but this is not now.