Sending Images through HTTP


I want to take some pictures and send them to a cloud server using the NB-IoT shield. Images will be forwarded through UART from the camera to the shield. My question is do I need an SD card for this application because I’m not going to save any image on the H7 module? I am asking because I get “OSError: Access denied due to prohibited access or directory full.” error when I run my script.

Yes the flash filesystem is very limited (few kbytes) it’s meant for logs, scripts etc… not for images.

Is there an official nb-iot shield? If not, then what shield are you using and is there open source code available to communicate using the shield?

Sorry I just saw your message… I am using BG96-NB IoT shield by Avnet. It works with AT commands printed through serial channel from the camera to the shield. I’m afraid there is not any open source code.

@susamsokagi: Are you able to send an image via NB-IoT to the cloud.
Are you willing to share some code ?